Undercover as a slave Part 2: Journalist in the dark of Dubai

Undercover as a slave Part 2: Journalist in the dark of Dubai


A Vision journalist got in touch with tra­ffickers who smuggle people to work in the Middle East on promises of high paying jobs. They smuggled her through Entebbe Airport. Will Dubai become the ‘Promised Land’? Today, Sunday Vision continues with the story of flying into Dubai 

THERE is nothing impossible in Uganda. The way I beat the airport system that should have stopped me from travelling to Dubai, on a flimsy reason, with a fake visa and without documents for the journey, is baffling. It cost me sh500,000.

On January 22, I checked in through immigration at Entebbe Airport into the boarding area on a fake identity, being trafficked to Dubai to work as a housemaid.

Then, as I am chest-thumping over beating the system, I realise that other airports may not be as corrupt. That scares me. I paid for, but did not get medical certificates and a yellow fever vaccination card; what if I get stopped or arrested at Dubai airport?

I telephone Tadeo, who helped me through Entebbe Airport, about the forms, but he denies having them. He says his job was to see me through the airport and now that he did his part, he asks that I never call him again. He then hangs up the phone.

When I call Nusura, she hangs up the phone without a word. I also discovered that Monica had blocked me on Facebook and WhatsApp, when I tried reaching out to her.

What does that mean?

What if the employer supposed to pick me at the airport does not show up? What if I need to return immediately, what will I do with the fake return ticket? How could I risk this much without enough money to buy my own ticket?

As we wait to board the plane, I see the same officer, who stopped me earlier, come towards me. Is he going to arrest me? Then, he hands me a print out of my air ticket and leaves without saying anything. Where did he get it from? Wasn’t this the man who queried my documents?

Several things are not adding up; anxiety overwhelms me. Suddenly, tears well up in my eyes and quickly run down my cheeks.

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