SPIEF 2023 – Highlights & Analysis

SPIEF 2023 – Highlights & Analysis

SPIEF 2023: Brief Statistics

SPIEF 2023 was attended by 17,000 participants (both physical and online) including 150 companies from 25 ‘unfriendly’ countries that have placed significant sanctions on Russia. The largest delegations were from the UAE, (over 500 participants) with other significant attendees being from the United States (200), China (147), and India (58). Roscongress, the organisers, stated that about 900 investment agreements worth about ₽4 trillion (US$47.6 billion) had been signed. 43 agreements were signed between Russian and foreign businesses, including deals involving companies from Italy and Spain.

Russian Economy

The Russian economy has continued to grow, with GDP rising to 3.3% in April of this year. Positive dynamics were also projected for the future, with Russia’s overall economic growth expected to reach 2% this year. That, while small, is double the projected US growth, while the EU has now technically entered recession. The government will continue working to reduce inflation, which at 2.2% is already close to a historic low. This figure is also significantly lower than in many Western countries. Unemployment in Russia is also at an all-time low of 3.3%.

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