Why is the UAE hosting COP28?

Why is the UAE hosting COP28?

“Detention in horrific conditions, torture, deportation [and a] criminal conviction.” These are the risks climate activists could face if they protest at COP28, the international climate conference to be hosted by the United Arab Emirates in December, says human rights lawyer Ben Keith. 

Keith, who qualified as a UK barrister in 2004, focuses on a “mixture of extradition, immigration and international law”. He specialises in Red Notices—the system used by Interpol to alert police worldwide that a member country is seeking to locate, arrest and possibly extradite a particular person—and the UAE’s use of this system. (The current Interpol president is Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi, a UAE official who, Keith says, has “a number of cases against him, including the torture of a number of British individuals”.)

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