The end of the road for fast fashion? The EU hopes so

The end of the road for fast fashion? The EU hopes so

It’s estimated that the fashion industry is one of the world’s greatest polluters, responsible for about 20% of the planet’s waste water and around 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The EU is setting out to change this – but is it a real possibility?

Could fast fashion finally be running out of steam? The European Union certainly thinks so.

While many consumers, spurred on by the ‘woke’ Gen Z, claim to want to be more sustainable in their clothing choices, the EU might just be thinking wishfully.

Industry leaders Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and ASOS have indeed seen their profits take a hit in recent years, but Zara and H&M have posted huge gains.

And Shein – despite frequent copyright claims and its now infamous influencer trip – still continues to attract thousands of customers, all champing at the bit for cheap, trendy clothing.

The very fact that the China-based giant is able to add a staggering 6,000 new pieces to its website on a daily basis suggests that the concept of fast fashion is going nowhere fast.


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