Al Gore vs. Oil-Rich Dubai, Host of COP28

Al Gore vs. Oil-Rich Dubai, Host of COP28

Al Gore vs. Oil-Rich Dubai, Host of COP28. Al Gore, former US Vice President, recently held a TED talk in anticipation of COP28. It is the upcoming Conference of the Parties, aka UNFCCC or 2023 United Nations Climate Conference, November 30th–December 12th, 2023, to be held at Expo City, Dubai. It increasingly looks like a freakish show of multi-dimensional illusions and fakery that the world of climate science is falling for. After all, a crowd of 80,000 is expected to gather to resolve the climate crisis, hosted by an active climate crisis participant named Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

It should be noted that COPs have been annual events since 1995, when CO2 emissions were 21 Gt, which is 21 billion metric tons (for perspective purposes, according to NASA, one gigaton equals 10,000 fully loaded US aircraft carriers). The scorecard since then is not at all impressive. Global CO2 emissions have gone up every year without fail following every COP for nearly three decades, currently at 36 Gt. That’s up 70% since COPs started.

This is getting tiresome. In other words, COPs somehow mysteriously serve to accelerate carbon emissions. Maybe stop COP. After all, these are very expensive affairs that increasingly serve as photo ops for prime ministers and presidents, kind of like the Red Carpet for the Oscars.

Al Gore’s TED speech, d/d August 2023: What the Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know FYI: Al gets very heated when discussing the oil industry.  FYI: Al delivers an upbeat ending to his TED speech by explaining how society can get out of the global heat jam, and he highlights good things that are already happening. Good news is found in the final minutes of his 25:44 talk and in his opening remarks.

Al Gore vs. Oil-Rich Dubai, Host of COP28

Before commencing on a tirade about the insanity of holding climate change talks in one of the world’s oil kingdoms with prospects that oil sheiks are going to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes, here is a synopsis of Al Gore’s encouraging words:

At one point when discussing mitigation efforts, he says, “So, will we succeed?”

Al’s answer: “Amazingly good news… What if we could stop the increase in temperatures?”

Response to his own query: “Yes, we can.”

Accordingly, “If we get to true net zero, astonishingly, global temperatures will stop going up with a lag time of as little as three to five years. They used to think that positive feedback loops would keep that process going. No, it will not! The temperatures will stop going up. The ice will continue melting, and some other things will continue, but we can stop the increase in temperatures. Even better, if we stay at true net zero in as little as 30 years, half of all the human-caused CO2 will come out of the atmosphere into the upper ocean and the trees and vegetation.” (footnote: Success depends upon several “ifs”.)

Therefore, according to former Vice President Al Gore: People should “not be vulnerable to despair” because humans have “a will to act.” Moreover, “the will to act is itself a renewable resource.” Accordingly, as further stated, We have everything we need and proven deployment models to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030. It will require (1) more solar and wind (2) more regenerative agriculture; (3) more EVs; (4) more charging stations; (5) more energy storage; (6) more green hydrogen; and (7) more electrolyzers to produce it.



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