Slavery and ethnic killing in Darfur. Again

Slavery and ethnic killing in Darfur. Again

Ethnic slaughter is taking place in Darfur on a scale reminiscent of the genocide of 2003-5. Peace campaigners say that the Janjaweed, who were responsible for the killing of 400,000 of Sudan’s Black Africans two decades ago, have stepped up their efforts to eliminate non-Arab tribes, knowing the world’s attention is elsewhere.

Vicky Ford MP, who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sudan, is asking why the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which hosts next month’s COP28 event, is supplying the Janjaweed with weapons. Ford has tabled a question, highlighting the hypocrisy of the UAE’s public relations image, promoted in the run up to the environmental conference, contrasting it with the reality of its war-mongering.

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