The Hotspots of Modern Slavery

The Hotspots of Modern Slavery

Approximately 10.5 percent of North Korea‘s population, including migrant workers and human trafficking victims, are categorized as modern slaves, according to data by the Walk Free Foundation. While this only amounts to roughly five percent of the total of estimated modern slaves worldwide, our chart shows that only one other country comes close to this population share size.

With 9.0 percent or an estimated number of 320,000 modern slaves, the African country of Eritrea comes in second on the ranking analyzing data from 2021. While the ranking shown in our infographic prioritizes the share of people subjected to forced labor or forced marriages in the respective country’s population, only two of the worst offenders in terms of total number of residents living in slave-like conditions make the cut, North Korea (third in terms of global estimated modern slaves) and Russia (fourth in terms of global estimated modern slaves).

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