Dubai Connection: How to Launder Fifty Million Dollars

Dubai Connection: How to Launder Fifty Million Dollars


For two years, Bertrand Monnet, a professor at Edhec and specialist in the economics of crime, filmed all the stages of the business model of the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico for “Le Monde”. In this third episode, we go to Dubai with the “narco” and their financial advisors to learn how to launder millions of dollars.

It is the leading cause of mortality among 18-45 year-olds in the United States: fentanyl. Or rather, its trafficked version, M30, a blue pill twenty to forty times more powerful than heroin. A drug that kills but generates billions of dollars for those who produce it.

For two years, Bertrand Monnet immersed himself in the heart of the most powerful Mexican criminal organization: the Sinaloa cartel. Armed with a camera, the professor and specialist in criminal economics at Edhec was able to document, for the first time, all the stages of the narcos’ business model, from fentanyl production in Culiacan garages to money laundering in Dubai skyscrapers.

The images and interviews obtained provide a better understanding of how these highly efficient and violent crime multinational corporations operate, now targeting a new market: France.

In this third episode, we invite you to follow us into the offices of a fiduciary company, perched atop a skyscraper in Dubai. It is there that a member of the Sinaloa cartel is set to meet financial advisors. The objective: to launder tens of millions of dollars from the fentanyl trade. This unprecedented access helps us understand that in order to eradicate drug trafficking, we must also combat offshore tax havens, these black holes of finance that are essential for cartels to launder their money.

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