UK Sanctions Israeli West Bank Settlers, Citing Human Rights Abuses

UK Sanctions Israeli West Bank Settlers, Citing Human Rights Abuses

Britain imposed sanctions Monday against four Israeli nationals, accused of violently attacking Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron called the four individuals “extremist Israeli settlers” and imposed strict financial and travel restrictions on them because of what was described as their “egregious abuses of human rights.”

“Extremist Israeli settlers are threatening Palestinians, often at gunpoint, and forcing them off land that is rightfully theirs,” he said.

The British Foreign Office said over the past year there have been unprecedented levels of violence by residents who have illegally settled in West Bank outposts.

“This behavior is illegal and unacceptable. Israel must also take stronger action and put a stop to settler violence. Too often, we see commitments made and undertakings given, but not followed through,” Cameron said.

“Extremist settlers, by targeting and attacking Palestinian civilians, are undermining security and stability for both Israelis and Palestinians,” Cameron added.

The United States also imposed sanctions earlier this month on four Israeli men it accused of being involved in settler violence in the West Bank.

The European Union is also mulling over imposing sanctions on Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians in the West Bank but so far, there has not been unanimity among the member states on such measures.

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