Putin henchmen and their Dubious Dubai Connections. The case of Chechen strong man Ramazan Kadyrov

Putin henchmen and their Dubious Dubai Connections. The case of Chechen strong man Ramazan Kadyrov

As the glittering skyscrapers of Dubai continue rising ever higher, new evidence shows this glitzy emirate has also constructed a massive offshore haven enabling some of the world’s most repressive regimes and drug cartels to shield wealth and escape consequences for human rights abuses.

An in-depth investigation drawing on leaked property records and intelligence sources has uncovered extensive connections between high-ranking officials from Russia and Chechnya and over $200 million in luxury Dubai real estate holdings. Those tied to the properties include businessmen like Ruslan Baysarov and Ziyad Sabsabi owning over $50 million combined, both enjoying influential positions near notorious Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

Kadyrov himself appears to be a regular guest of Dubai, as records obtained from aviation tracking sites show his private $80 million Airbus jet visiting nearly every month. This implies he maintains lavish villas or routinely rents opulent beachfront hotels in Dubai costing thousands per night. His villa is located on the territory of the 5-star Zabeel Saray Royal Residences hotel in Palm Jumeirah, on Dubai’s famous archipelago of artificial islands. Kadyrov’s villa is at number 21, one of the two largest on the property, and has a comfortable, secluded location. Kadyrov constantly hosts guests there. For instance, in 2017, he was photographed there with the boxer Mike Tyson.

The Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum receiving Ramzan Kadyrov

Where exactly this circle gets the money to purchase multi-million dollar Dubai assets remains a mystery. But their close ties to Kadyrov, who faces widespread allegations of corruption, human rights abuses and killings of political opponents, raise serious red flags about the source of funds.

Further uncovered were over $50 million in Dubai holdings connected to United Russia deputies like Saigidpasha Umakhanov and Roman Lyabikhov, both of whom failed to disclose the properties as legally mandated. Wanted bankers and fugitive executives facing massive financial crime charges internationally were also found controlling millions in Emirati assets.

Most alarming is how Dubai appears unwilling to scrutinize the backgrounds and question the sources of wealth of these foreign elite buyers. Their realtors and banks show no signs of conducting proper due diligence that could help expose illicit activity. This willful blindness means human rights violators face no consequences and can safely shield stolen assets through a luxury lifestyle in the UAE without oversight or accountability.

The assassination of dissident officer Sulim Yamadayev on a 2008 Dubai underground parking , allegedly involving Dubai property owner Akhmad Yasaev who faced no prosecution, exemplifies the violence and impunity this opaque system enables. As an ex-rebel commander incorporated into Russian forces, Yamadayev had dared challenge Kadyrov’s grip before being removed from command and shot dead.

Through offering a safe haven for the assets and persons of authoritarian despots, Dubai’s glamorous towers and marinas are monuments not just to wealth but complicity. The UAE seems poised to allow even the most brutal regimes sanctuary from international scrutiny and sanctions, all while those in power back home face no consequences for corruption or human rights crimes.

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