Coffee plants fight climate change with a genetic weapon

Coffee plants fight climate change with a genetic weapon

Coffee is not just a boost in the morning, it’s a big deal for the world. Scientists from the University of Udine have cracked the code on the genes that make our favorite morning drink, coffee, so delicious and resilient. 

The unique study behind Coffea arabica shines a light on how coffee survives and thrives. By understanding its genetic makeup, we can better protect our beloved coffee from threats like climate change and disease.

Mapping the genetic secrets of coffee

The scientists wanted to map the coffee plant’s blueprint. For this, they created DNA libraries from its leaves. Using advanced sequencing methods, they pieced together its genome like a puzzle. 

The study then figured the genes’ physical locations and predicted gene functions by comparing them to other plant genes. Finally, they compared the DNA of different coffee plants, finding variations that explain the evolution and key traits.

This detailed “coffee map” unlocks exciting possibilities: breeding better beans, boosting disease resistance, and enhancing the beloved beverage for generations to come. 

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