UAE supplied Serbian Yugoimport armed drone to the RSF

UAE supplied Serbian Yugoimport armed drone to the RSF

A peculiar military VTOL drone drone armed with two 120mm mortar rounds was shot down by the Sudanese armed forces. The type have been seen in several conflict across the Middle East and Africa over the years.

The unique drone was operated by the Sudanese paramilitary forces; the Rapid Support Force (RSF) in it’s fight in Sudan before it was shot down last year.

The UAE is known to be supplying arms to both the RSF and the Sudanese Army since 2014. These weapons reportedly include small arms, ammunition, drones, and armoured vehicles. The UAE has also reportedly trained members of the RSF in the use of these weapons.

Weapons supplied to both sides include Zastava-produced M05 rifles, Nimr Ajbans armoured vehicles (for the RSF), and Calidus MCAV (for the Sudanese Army),

Also, in December 2023, footage emerged of thermobaric shells apparently supplied by the United Arab Emirates to the RSF and captured by the military. Video showing crates of the 120mm thermobaric airdrop shells with markings suggesting they manufactured by the Serbian company Yugoimport, in 2020, and bearing UAE markings on its packaging. Notably, this ammunition was designed to be launched from drones.

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