The Carbon Majors Database: Launch Report

The Carbon Majors Database: Launch Report

The Carbon Majors database traces 1,421 GtCO2e of cumulative historical emissions from 1854 through 2022 to 122 industrial producers, the CO2 portion of which is equivalent to 72% of global fossil fuel and cement CO2 emissions since 1751. Over 70% of these global CO2 emissions historically can be attributed to just 78 corporate and state producing entities.

Carbon Majors is a database of historic production data from 122 of the world’s largest oil, gas, coal, and cement producers. This data is used to quantify the direct production-linked operational emissions and emissions from the combustion of marketed products that can be attributed to these entities. Carbon Majors was originally released in 2013 by Richard Heede of the Climate Accountability Institute (CAI). InfluenceMap has since updated and released the database on a new website:

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