Why is a ‘French Foreign Legion’ for the UAE problematic?

Why is a ‘French Foreign Legion’ for the UAE problematic?

The UAE is a hub for mercenaries in Africa and the Middle East. Now the Emirates want their own version of the French Foreign Legion. That may change how secret, private armies work in a legal grey zone.

The job advertisement intrigued a lot more people than it was meant to, possibly because it sounded like the start of an action movie.

“Foreign Legion operator” wanted, it read. Must be under 50, highly disciplined, physically fit, with at least five years of military experience and able to deal with “high stress conditions.” Pay would start at around $2,000 a month but would increase once deployed outside of the United Arab Emirates to Yemen or Somalia.

The ad was first discovered by French industry publication, Intelligence Online, who said it had been circulated by former French special forces soldiers. Further investigation traced the ad back to a security consultancy, the Manar Military Company, or MMC, based in Abu Dhabi. The company is run by a former French special forces officer and is financially connected to a wealthy, politically influential Abu Dhabi family.

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